Baby Petra. Sadly a hard drive crashed years ago, we’ve lost most of Petra’s baby videos. We do have a few that we’ll post over the next few days, but here are the photos we do have 🙂 Enjoy

Inside Edition


Right This Minute


Interview Fox35 Amanda Mckenzie

News 6 Interview with Erik Sandoval

    13 replies to "Baby Petra, the famous Talking African Grey"

    • Anja chan

      a little over the top with this music for my taste, but sweet pictures ;D

    • BusyBasaz

      From being a small peanut, to wanting a peanut.

    • Miles Togo

      I've been watching many many episodes, came across this…very precious.

    • [TB] [JS] Kaithecoolman 423

      🎵lets do the time warp again🎶

    • Kathleen Stevens

      So precious.. I swear those baby pictures slay me…🥰

    • Stephen Lacey

      Awww bless Petra. She is one special bird with a personality of her own

    • The Rocket

      Petra should have a rap battle with Letty the African grey

    • LindaLuxable

      At what age could you bring her home? When did she say her first word, or attempt.

    • Kathleen Stevens

      Omg she’s so cute I can’t stand it! I just want to kiss her so badly🥰

    • Danish Lo

      So adorable, this is my favorite Petra video…she's so cute

    • me cool with a cool


      tf my eyes

    • The Wolf ate and the Goat remains whole

      Aaaahh what a nice chicken!

    • fünfer X fierer Sajad

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