This amazing video of my African Grey Parrot Talking to Himself In A Selfie Video is a great and one of my favorite videos to ever be a part of parrot video of the day. Although you may have seen this amazing video before. I am uploading it again for this week. It would mean a lot to me if you would share this video.

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    23 replies to "AMAZING VIDEO of My African Grey Parrot Talking To Himself In A Selfie Video"

    • Tracy Allen

      Can we see the video of Jersey reacting to the video of George? Or can someone tell me what video it is? I know she's mentioned it lately but I'm fairly new to her channel.

    • adub4ever

      Dang are all birds this smart? Amazing he knows his name.

    • Alex GAMING

      Do you still have him or is he your brothers bird now or something like that

    • celestialskye1

      Awww, George. You're so adorable! I'm so glad your Mommy posted this. You're over the Rainbow ? bridge. All our fur and feathers babies are waiting for us when it's our time to greet us. ❤✨?

    • Niharika Bhardwaj


    • Jason Jay

      Now that was cute!

    • DVG Royal

      Marlene, thank you for making your videos, they always bring me up when I'm down. my parents won't let me get a bird, (maybe), and your vids just help me a lot. I've been a bit depressed starting November of 2016, all the way to this point and your videos just brighten my day. Thank you ???

    • Casey Reese-Johnson

      Amazing, clear voice! He is absolutely beautiful @MarleneMc'Cohen!

      So sorry for the loss of him. But these memories are beautiful treasures! This is my first glimpse of George even though I've heard all of your stories. Once again, you've inspired me. I've got to start filming Peeta (my Amazon) more. I can't imagine losing him but I know I'd love to look back on a piece of our life together. Like you are able to here. ?

    • Timmy Tobuscus

      Why the re upload?

    • Caroline Kuo

      White toes … must be George

    • VolkColopatrion

      Will he talk to a static picture of himself?


      ? I love your videos ? So adorable ?

    • Lilac Carb

      Awwww this made me tear up love George ❤️❤️

    • hayden DeFazio

      Amazing…. what a smart bird' you did an amazing job! Love your videos me and my cockatoo watch them all the time

    • joshua anderson

      He has become so expressive you are doing an amazing job it's kind of funny that he keeps saying George

    • hgabriel1412

      So adorable! ❤️❤️❤️?

    • Laura Edwards

      Such a little cutie

    • Politica

      Omg so cute

    • Rachel North

      Oh wow he's so cute

    • Texaslife43

      i hope this doesnt sound crazy – but i feel like he has your eyes. i never had the privilege of meeting him, but i would have loved to give him a huge hug. he was a wonderful gift to you and will be deeply missed. and thank you for uploading this goodness on my birthday <3

    • yushii_m

      Ahhhh THE VIDEO!!! Georgeeeeee <3

    • Stop Motions96

      Hahah it's in your into

    • K8ce

      This video is so sweet! <3

      I Always loved the intro sounds and when I found the old video, I just couldn't stop watching it! xD

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