18 year old African Grey Parrot talking

    14 replies to "Alice: the Cutest African Grey Parrot talking"

    • Rosalind ROSSITER

      Hope Rory comes back to see Alice every now and then – she sounds as though she really misses him.

    • hoppincin

      Hi beautiful!!!!!

    • Persephone’s Pomegranate

      It’s okay, Alice. A lot of people fudge their age down a few years 😂

    • Kesha Powell

      Aww. She's beautiful!

    • Shirley Moodley

      Oh so beautiful my favorite bird

    • Suzanne Biagiotti

      Sounds like Alice watches too much Jeff Dunham…achmed’s i kill you😂

    • Janet Ragonesi

      Charming and smart! I have Greys also – one loves to chat one is quiet!

    • D Kane

      I love Alice ❤️

    • Shelly Ann Lewis

      You really like car ride ☺️

    • Hello Hello

      Einstein the parrot's girlfriend.

    • Hello Hello

      Murder plotting parrot. 😐

    • GlitchScatter

      Whoa, my grey's name is Alice too! 😀

    • Kiki Xatζ

      She is very funny and talkative.I love her.❤

    • Rosa Pfeffer

      Who is Rorry ?;))

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