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Alex, the talking research African Grey parrot passes away.

CNN’s Jim Clancy speaks with Dr. Irene Pepperberg, whose research parrot, Alex, was discovered dead last week. Alex was 31 and appeared to have died of natural causes, said Dr. Irene Pepperberg, the scientist who trained and studied him for three decades. RIP Alex.

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  1. mickaydee schreef:

    I think she meant as in someone was always talking to him. Not even like testing just like small talk like “hi, how are you?”

  2. Marco Maltese schreef:

    Absolutely, but even much worse for animals.

  3. turnbacktime schreef:

    i dont even think working 8 hours is natural to humans.

  4. sollonas schreef:

    my aunt has a grey african.his name is ‘cocouly’..she’s never had children so shes strong bonded with him…he sees me 1or2 times a year & everytime hes start singing,says my name & how much he loves me!!! damn,i realy love that bird!!!

  5. SAMMI7223 schreef:

    The actual quote was that Alex asked “Will I see you tomorrow?” to which his caretaker responded “Yes of course Alex” and then his last words were “You be good. I love you.” that’s how his last conversation went.

  6. Deafsty schreef:

    I believe you, I really do. But you have to remember this fact: Wikipedia is the most horrible source you can ever use. It is true most of the time, but please do not trust it too much!

  7. foughtwolf schreef:

    Wasnt that what he USUALLY said though? And he left out the ‘See you tomorrow’ bit I thought.

  8. underagedjackass schreef:

    His actual words were “You be good. See you tomorrow. I love you”.source wikipedia.:)

  9. emothebandgeek schreef:

    FYI: The Alex foundation said this a month after he died: “Alex had a sudden, unexpected catastrophic event associated with arteriosclerosis. It was either a fatal arrhythmia, heart attack or stroke, which caused him to die suddenly with no suffering. All of his tests came back normal earlier that week. His death could not be connected to his current diet or age. Most likely, genetics or the same kind of low-level inflammatory disease was responsible.”

  10. Paige RedBird schreef:

    RIP alex

  11. Diminishednote schreef:

    Parrot lovers check out my group and share your feathered dinosaur

  12. Coreeeyyyy schreef:

    Well Alex did go threw a surgery in his life that might of contributed.

  13. Coreeeyyyy schreef:

    I’m American and I HATE when people hate on this country but I gotta agree with you here.

  14. ThePortland295 schreef:

    R.I .P. Alex

  15. broawesomegenius schreef:

    I think the parrot didn’t pass away because a bird has to look weak when it starts to die and that it cant die in just 1 day. Also, I had a conure that died and she started looking weak three days before she had to start her next phase of life.

  16. coolyourbeans127 schreef:

    R.I.P. <3

  17. Ernelio Bombillas schreef:

    Was he 30? I think not.

  18. weyetb schreef:

    i had a bird who just died 🙁

  19. xXilovefastcarsXx schreef:

    His Last words were: be good . I love you
    That is so sad

  20. Megan Elizabeth schreef:

    If you are a parrot owner and as I like to call myself “crazy bird lady,” you are well-aware that parrots provide you with unconditional love, where love is not prevented by unfavorable conditions. No matter what she is doing to him, he loves her. He forgives her for it. There always comes a point where conditions may be too much, even with such love. However, this is furthered by how an African Grey tends to bond to one person, and Alex probably perceived her to be his mate.

  21. Megan Elizabeth schreef:

    It depends on the type of parrot. African Grey parrots usually live 50-70+ years. Depending on the source of information, macaws can supposedly live 80-100+ years, and some really rare types cockatoos that are black in color can live up to 100 years. However, there are many factors that contribute to a parrot’s lifespan, and these factors need to be favorable for a parrot to live their optimum lifespan.

  22. jparkss15 schreef:

    I can only imagine him ruling over the Earth with an iron fist. Or wing. Fist-wing?

  23. b0sanac schreef:

    Imagine what this bird could’ve accomplished if he lived longer.

  24. sentrygunner schreef:

    they live from 50 to 70 years

  25. kimberly2653 schreef:


  26. NaNe Scarlet schreef:

    If my 30 yr collage has suddenly died, I would be wailing. (For some reason she doesn’t look so sad to me.) 🙁

  27. NaNe Scarlet schreef:

    There is a YouTube video that shows his last night (because they always taped him). He really said that.

  28. NaNe Scarlet schreef:

    He didn’t die of natural death; he had an unnoticed heart condition (or something). His heart just failed. 🙁

  29. EmperorOfMars schreef:

    I though patriots lived to 100?

  30. Gravolux schreef:

    Wan go Gym

  31. raidendeath123 schreef:

    sorry piece of sh** older brother stupid commensts

  32. devon6111 schreef:


  33. TheVandanPatel schreef:

    african greys vocabulary consists of a couple thousands words hehe .

  34. JonahMills006 schreef:


  35. massimo973kilo schreef:

    Where did you see that?

  36. Marco Maltese schreef:

    Yeah sure the animal does not comprehend the quantity of stress it is subject to, and keeps loving its carer, but it does have its effect anyway.

  37. minkyhow123 schreef:

    i know right. so sad. and of cos to prevent tt from happening i would let my bird rest alot. no matter how much good food u eat or how much interaction u get, stress will succumb a human, let alone a little bird.

  38. minkyhow123 schreef:

    u are so right megmaltese. sources from all over the internet tells us not to train our birds more than 1 hr each day, with 15min sessions. and let the bird rest when it is tired. 8-12 hrs of constant questioning by alot of different ppl does pose alot of stress. altho he still loves the scientist, im sure he’s too worn out.

  39. Mrslotrmaniac64 schreef:

    My dad actually had Alex’ nestmate. That bird was a GENIUS.

  40. MyCuteHimalayan schreef:

    Dont get me wrong though, I’m not trying to hate Alex the bird, he is or was very smart aswell, I am sure.

  41. MyCuteHimalayan schreef:

    Go to ustream and type in Bibi the african grey parrot, she is way smarter than this bird. she knows numbers colors animal sounds, and 300+ words and phrases, including some words in other languages, though her main language is english

  42. hadla schreef:

    lol i can hear the boston accent he had that she talked about in the book!

  43. Bridget B schreef:

    Of course it is. Also poor nutrition. It is animal abuse.

  44. Bridget B schreef:

    Yes, and he looks just as sick and stressed as Alex.

  45. Bridget B schreef:

    Don’t be so stupid. Look at a parrot site like, and see what healthy parrots look like, or Parrot University. Of course she killed him, she is a vain idiot.

  46. Bridget B schreef:

    This parrot is sick. It has not been properly fed, or housed, and it is showing signs of illness very, very clearly. This woman is an idiot. He is not housed decently – he should have access to a WINDOW, and at least have other animals around, preferably birds. She is a bitch. His feathers are a mess, he’s under constant stress for “research”. Poor research, lousy. She makes me sick. No parrot should look so unhappy and sick. No choice but to obey the old bag and her effing eyemakeup.

  47. MrPragalv schreef:

    rip dude

  48. 8crane8 schreef:

    And because one parrot died at a below-average age of natural causes, it is the scientist’s fault? That seems like jumping the gun to me.

  49. raidendeath123 schreef:

    these stupid scientists killed him i just searched up how long African grey parrots average life span is. And so much people said 50-70 years old. Alex only lived 30 of those years freak the scientists. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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