How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence–and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process

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    • SameSongAj Castillo

      I saw you yesterday. Nice people healthy body type lady.

    • Francoo Villalva

      Para mi que hablo español me impreciona como el loro pudo entender en el idioma ingles, ni siquiera yo entiendo mucho

    • MortySmith c_137

      Alex i love you T-T

    • Lisa Love

      He was so smart but in every video he always asks to go back it's sad he was tired of the one hundred tests a day he didn't get to just be a bird loved by it's human.

    • Su Wan

      I only came here because of a novel.

    • SRI Pravachana Goshthi

      Irene Pepperberg had lot of love for Alex so patiently teaching & Reaching

    • Vanessa Idarraga

      no hay palabras para describir la hermosura de Álex que en el cielo ha de estar,es obvio que está ave comprendía lo que le enseñaba está biológa,no era una simple repetición de palabras.

    • Surfmoc Jones

      You be good. I love you.

    • OrtyBortorty

      What a smart bird! He really makes you appreciate the beauty of nature.

    • ash unknown

      i think parrot is smarter then this dumb women .

    • hilomona

      I know he was a happy bird and was the star of his world but for some reason it breaks my heart a little when he asks to "go back" to his cage with his little voice, as if he was really tired of it and didn't want to work anymore.

    • wind Become


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