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    12 replies to "African Grey Trapping And Parrot Cruelty"

    • Solanki vinod Solanki


    • Meredith Toy

      I literally uploaded this video 4 years ago, I don't have access to the account anymore as it's long forgotten.. there is a lot of missed information etc this is some shitty video I made with iMovie when I was fundraising against trapping in middle school.

      The point of this video is not to criticize those who have parrots, I have three of my own. The point was to bring some kind of awareness to the illegal parrot trade and the cruelty that goes along with it.

      I did not mean to offend or anything. Yes there is some good to it I suppose.. parrots have to make their way into different countries some how but the illegal transport is extremely cruel.. some birds are literally stuffed into pop bottles.

      However if you are looking to purchase a parrot, try to get one that comes from a rescue centre or a person who needs to find them a new home. The issue with buying parrots is that it's a long commitment many of them can live for upward of 30 years. Many people take on a parrot and don't understand how much of a commitment it is, and end up sending them to some shelter when they don't want them or can't have them anymore.

    • P.V. ZONE

      I love you and your channel and the name of your channel is the best ever?????????????????

    • Dale Fetalvero

      Those imbeciles, what do they think what would happen if they treat birds like these, dumb bitches

    • Bigballslol

      You look on the bad side but then you don’t look on the good side

    • Bigballslol

      I have a grey. Does that mean I’m cruel? Fuck you. Most parrots have been breeding in homes with caring owners you ignorant person.

    • xxtentacionxx l

      It's sad because I have one name Gracie

    • Arslan Khan

      You motherfuckers… If u can keep them happy with care dont owe them..
      Fucking bastards this is not trade this is cruelty…
      My fvrt bird…
      I have one and my heart knows when he sneeze how i felt on that time…
      U motherfuckers

    • I Hope Your Mother Dies

      Omfg how can people do this

    • Mohamed Y

      Well i give my bird the best quality of life.

    • James Guerra

      Such a innocent bird ?

    • Sara Iram

      what a great parrot

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