Here is a list of the things she says in the order that she says them: “Hello, my name is Smokey, meows, you’s a stinker, tickle tickle, bless you, give me a kiss, kisses, are you hungry, did you eat breakfast, stinker, ai do (Vietnamese for ‘who’s there’), dance, bye bye”.

    17 replies to "African Grey Talking on Cue"

    • Vi Ce

      What is the type of daily food ?

    • John Mcdonnell

      What's the best was to train my 10 year old male african grey to speak tried everything l can think of nothing works ?

    • Anna Rita


    • Unique Home

      Do you have a video on how you taught Smokey all of these tricks

    • Robertox

      I love how he says bless you. I'd never remember to teach my bird that.

    • Thelucasfire Films

      1 cat disliked this

    • Narjis Hyder

      how do you train your parrot like that plz! because I'm so interesting in parrots

    • Katie Cochran

      What do you say to a pretty girl?

      Come here, toots! XD

      I'm dead. XD

    • The Supreme Thunder Dragon

      0:26 check out that iris expanding. Kinda creepy… 0_o

    • James Murdock

      You are a very good trainer! But it helps to have bird that seems to love you very much. Seems to be very fond of treats also. Thanks for the great video.

    • SmolBean Ry

      The cat meow :3

    • ryverwillow

      Awesome!!! My smokey is a boy and he is 1 year old and talking up a storm!! I will watch you video on teaching him to talk on cue!! I have had him for 4 months and he is adjusting to his new home well!! Thank you!!

    • Garrold Ryan

      Works better than Siri.

    • Andrea Johnson

      How Do you get him to talk on cue like that. My African Grey is 2 years old. please tell me what cd.

    • begumcitir

      I love the dancing trick! Hahah, love greys, they're such cuties.

    • Caitlin Bird

      Wow! You paired her word "dance" with the move? Awesome!

    • Jessica Sanchez

      What the… amazing! Her voice is so clear, it kinda sounds like a robot.

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