29 replies to "African Grey Talking for 30 Minutes Straight | Gizmo the Grey Bird"

    • LordMorltha

      How old is Giz? Could his wings ever get strong enough for him to fly?

    • Joseph Bennett

      I love when he says whacha doing.

    • John long

      Oh, what we would do without our keurig machines 😅.

    • Yvonne B

      Gizmo is really clever. I really wish i could have one but im really allergic to feathers, I'm asthmatic too. Xx

    • alex brownfield

      He makes my day, I watch as many videos you do, he such a good and smart boy, don't stop the videos

    • Lisa Miller

      Gizmo is really smart he's smarter then pet goose George he talks really good I bet it took a lot of training for him to talk

    • Generic Internetter

      bye birrrrd

      P L O P P

    • Gabriel Cristian De La Prada

      He's the best

    • Leland Vandervort

      I love how you have the british accent but Giz has an american one !! LOL

    • Donna L Reeves

      I love listening to Gizmo. He's such a beautiful bird and his vocabulary is growing. I love the videos. Thanks for posting.

    • Brenda Voracek

      Does Gizmo fly ? I Love ❤️ him he's ❤️ 💕 so adorable and funny 😁 LOVE LISTENING TO HIM

    • Jean Parks

      That bird is amazing ❤ My cat is watching & keeps looking at me in disbelief 😂

    • Icheeva Kaigan

      I love gizmo you guys said it perfectly he's a grumpy grandpa

    • Words

      I love when he tells you to try.

    • Maria C Perez-Fondon

      Gizmo is the best speaking ibird I've ever heard…..by far. He is sentational!. 👏👏

    • Laurie DePasque

      What a Gift.

    • Luvin Coco

      What a handsome guy! Glad you guys have each other 😊

    • Ramazan Durmaz

      Such an articulate bird…

    • Rosalind ROSSITER

      You should tell him he's a good bird, not a bad bird. He is sweet.

    • BeckyBnyc

      Mom beats me with the ohhh kills me everytime 😂

    • S Chen

      🦜I want him 💕

    • Kathleen Demeco

      I adore Gizmo he's so smart. I love your accent, where are you from. I'm from WNY.

    • Goose Lanham

      Love that Bird

    • WTP 76

      You should show him "tip toe through the tulips" I think he has the perfect pitch for it and I noticed both of you have a bit of a dark sense of humor

    • Patti Katerle

      Thank you for saving him we love him

    • Sue Eiszele

      Whoo he ha gizzard

    • Sue Eiszele

      Bad bird watcha gonna do yeer goodbye

    • Sue Eiszele

      Bad bird lazer water cutey💙

    • Sue Eiszele

      Bad bird lazer eek watcha gonna do yeer love ya from australia

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