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African Grey Parrot Talking to My Dog, Jasper and Others

This is Zephyr or Zeph, my Congo African Grey parrot, mumbling various phrases, whistling, and talking to my dog, or rather imitating me talking to my dog, boyfriend and rabbit (their nicknames). He is six years old and remembers even his first words. It always amazes me when he blurts out some phrase he used to favor 4 years ago. But they have amazing memories. He responds to body language and situations with language too – so it’s not always about mimicking, but associating proper words with the right situation. With this video, he’s just going through the motions though – he will not speak if I’m in front of him like I said.

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  1. lucy22richard schreef:

    African Grey Parrots Are the Clearest Talking parrot Ever. No joke! look it up . 😀

  2. vicerexciser13 schreef:

    I didn’t think they spoke that clear hahaha

  3. cocardeux schreef:

    I looooove your parrot, he s my star!

  4. VecaPereca83 schreef:

    o yeah baby! u know it ! XD

  5. baoyang1015 schreef:

    lol. that parrot likes to talk =D

  6. CodroStyle schreef:

    id be scared that bid doesnt call someone and buy somethnig off the phone using your voice lol =D
    tahts awesome

  7. gzusrulzme1 schreef:

    oh how cute!! My african Grey parrot does some of the same sounds!! isn’t that weird that they all have some of the same favorite things? He likes to tell the cats that they stink and when they walk by say, “ewie-shewie kitty”! I just love them all!

  8. anixdixie schreef:

    he’s unbelievable!! Loved the camara sound

  9. gono23 schreef:

    lol the parrot of my uncle said “get the fuck out” to a worker..LoL

  10. fujiali schreef:

    süperr yaa valla bayıldım 🙂 süper eğitmişsiniz. ayrıca mükemmel olmuş..

  11. SinnFein4ever schreef:


  12. Blackcreeklover9898 schreef:

    sooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 360kal schreef:


  14. funtyrone schreef:

    talk about parrotlike humans, i saw and had a few friends that had parrots that did a lot of amazing things. one at the petshop loved to see customers in front of the cage, and once he saw me, he started tickling me, going, “tickle tickle tickle!” and one sounded like he whistled out the TPIR fail horns, and one knew how to do mutley’s laugh! lol!

  15. zubery schreef:

    Mine used to do the sound of me sipping tea, water gurgling, microwave sounds, the sound of someone hammering in fence posts in our yard, they are like tape recorders. If I picked him up from the ground, he’d always whisper my boyfriend’s name for some reason. Some speech is contextual, but you really have to train them to get to that point. I just let him do his thing. Sadly he passed away a few weeks ago. Give Koko a kiss and take good care. =)

  16. kokomango23 schreef:

    I love Zeph!!! AG’s are soo smart. my baby will snore when I’m getting the coffee ready for the morning, when I turn off the lights, or when she wants her blanket… it’s amazing how they know one sound can have several meanings! : )

  17. saskuachman schreef:

    how much is a grey?

  18. AwesomeCoasters schreef:

    Is it just me, or is this some real scary shit?

  19. zubery schreef:

    Yeah, do another search, they are pretty common (Greys talking)

  20. proteanview schreef:

    Is this for real?

  21. martini2100 schreef:

    ok thx i will adopt one 🙂

  22. TamaraMendonca schreef:

    LOVE him!! very smart guy. my grey LOVES listening to your video!

  23. zubery schreef:

    My grey as a baby, LOVED my boyfriend, now he hates all males in general and will inflict a painful bite if they try to pick him up. He’s fine with females. Also, he prefers me, and that can also be a problem when the bird bonds to one person. They see you as a mate and will be aggressive towards others. Or become overly dependent.

  24. zubery schreef:

    Also, rescuing is a great idea, as you can see what you’re in for up front. The problem with getting a young bird/puppy/rabbit, etc. is that they will go through adolescence which brings on, at times, extreme behavioral changes, sometimes aggression, or a lot of bonding that can limit who the bird can interact with. You might get lucky with a mild mannered one, but they can and do – all hookills – change after adolescence. It may be for the good or the bad.

  25. zubery schreef:

    It’s not common for Greys to live into the 70’s – 90’s. That’s somewhat of an exaggeration. It’d be good to know your source and if it’s reliable. Most greys mimic sound effects, if not words very well. They are, by far, the most accurate of speakers. I agree they can be pluckers. I’ve seen many in that situation, whether they had attention from their owner or not, it can still happen. And once it does, it’s terribly hard to break them of the habit.

  26. hockeyrulz2 schreef:

    ok thanks

  27. zubery schreef:

    I think Zeph was 750 in 2002 from a private breeder. In stores they are much more. You need to have vaccinations done too and a vet check when you get them, so the price goes up and an ordinary appropriate size starter cage runs 400/500. They live on average about 40 years but it can range from 25-70. They are very messy, demanding, shy, moody, and can end up bonding to one person only. Not recommended. I love my bird, but it’s a lifetime commitment.

  28. hockeyrulz2 schreef:

    how much does an african grey parrot cost?

  29. csgamer1 schreef:

    AHAHA that is amazing, thats crazy man,! very cool i want one : ) so funny!

  30. dolphinsilver4 schreef:

    Loved the western movie sound effect 😀 It’s so neat how each bird sounds like their owner.

  31. zubery schreef:

    My dog tunes him out — after all, there is no positive reinforcement to “come” to a parrot that will bite his floppy ear while he walks by…

  32. bluenileshark11 schreef:

    he is soo cute and i hope he has a fun birthday LOL jaaaaaaaaasper XD

  33. zubery schreef:

    He turns 7 years old in less than a week. I will try to remember to make a new video maybe for his b-day. With Jasper. He tries to bite Jasper though. That’s a cool idea about the ringtone, I wish I could figure out how to do that! =)

  34. zubery schreef:

    thanks…he was sorta cheap as I reserved him as an egg from a private breeder in california…pet stores have huge mark ups & unethical practices as far as I’m concerned. I got him at 12 weeks old, and he will turn 7 years old on April 3rd!

  35. bluenileshark11 schreef:

    hi zubery i am a biiiiiiiiigg fan of zeph and i was thinking that you could make more videos of him and jasper!!!!!!! i love him so much, i recorded him on my phone and made it my ringtone!!!!! Write back; i love you Zeph!!!!!!!!

  36. gaybird7 schreef:

    I love this video….I have a Grey that is much older. I think you have a special bird here. please add more video and keep us up to date with his progress!

  37. tetriminos schreef:

    “sweetie pie” “WHAT!”

  38. Kajaaah schreef:

    No doubt 5 stars from me! Love’d that parrot 😀

  39. anfeestah schreef:

    LOL My Galah is sitting on my shoulder not knowing what to do. Hes making cute sounds but can’t work out where the bird is coming from.

  40. sakurachan777 schreef:

    im scared to get another bird i my chihuahua ate my poor baby blue :<

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