Chester Birdinski, an African Grey parrot, learns to say “Good Birds Don’t Bite.”

    23 replies to "African Grey Parrot Says Good Birds Bite!"

    • Leavemealone

      Nooo Chyesteeerrr, good birds don't bite! Lol, so cute!

    • TheSamsrealtor

      Jajaja yes they bite. My finger still hurts from yesterday. I was thinking about a Congo soup yesterday but I calmed down today.

    • Michael Bass

      Good birds bite! LMAO

    • Molly Guest

      He knows what you want him to do but he can't tell a lie.

    • Lawrence H

      Awesome birdie..

    • Nadia Bennet

      @blueguy81 You have to repeat a phrase several times(sometimes over a hundred) to get a bird to learn to say a phrase. It would take weeks of training just to get a full sentence.

    • douro20

      I'm trying to think of who he sounds like.

    • jujubechan

      Hehe soo true haha

    • Laura Ludwig

      what a cute bird – i have a grey and a macaw

    • StoutNerd

      Lol hes got a nice radio voice ^^.

    • Mohamed B Alsuwaidi

      My bird never bites. 🙂

    • Женька и Конь

      hahahaha!!!! :)))

    • Evan Dancik

      I have an african grey parrot too! His name is cruise and he is 19 years old. He is hilarious how he talks like a pro and can destroy a peanut! (his favorite food)

    • Mosk

      Does Mr. Birdinski know any Polsku? I am working with my Grey right now, he can say all the colorful words my Polish grandparents call me 🙂

    • LadySage02

      I love it our Boo bites us but anyone else comes in the house and he steps up on them or if they don't give him attention he climbs off his cage and steps up…lol

    • Carne De Lagarto

      @H0rr0rSc0pe Then don't get ANY pets. All animals will bite at one point and parrots bite alot. Most of us normal humans get used to it and adopt to it.. they don't do it all the time.

      Get a goldfish. They'll be perfect for you just be carefull when you feed them I hear they can cause serious fingernail paint damage.

    • 2ossy

      Good birds bite!!

    • Masooma Jannah

      lol hes so cute so want one but to expensive got my love birds and noisiey kakarikis and whistling cockatiels to keep me company


      thank god i thought my bird was bad because he bites all the time he most be the best bird ever xD

    • Alex Martin

      That is hilarious my friend.

    • luminire

      @ChesterBirdinski lool true. ;D i'm looking into getting a timneh myself. hopefully i'll find one soon.

    • JennPenn

      He is adorable! Pretty much all birds bite so he is correct!

    • luminire

      LOL he's soo evil. <3
      seems like he loves biting, eh? ;D

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