This is the sad reality behind the exotic pet trade. Wild African grey parrots are cruelly snatched from their natural environment, destined for pet markets all over the world.
Whether legal, or illegal, exotic pet trading is cruel. These animals are wildlife, not pets.
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    1 Response to "African grey parrot poaching: wild animals cruelly snatched from their homes"

    • Sammy D

      Some people just make me so friken sick! What a beautiful world it would be for all animals if it wasn't for greedy egotistical heartless humans that have no compassion! This is absolutely horrendous! Thank God for organisations like this for showing the cruelty within the exotic wildlife trade, if people weren't paying for them there wouldn't be such an industry, they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Thank you all at WAP for the hard work you do in the fight for animals rights.

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