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African grey parrot perfectly imitates the sound of a SMOKE ALARM!

Steve Dockerty, 63, was left baffled when fire crews banged on his door investigating a fire at his house in Northamptonshire – only to discover his parrot Jazz perfectly imitating a smoke alarm. Mr Dockerty, a retired steel erector, adopted 17-year-old African grey parrot Jazz 12 months ago in order to give his other parrot Kiki, 16, some company and said he was ‘amazing at doing impressions’. The firefighters were called after operators at the smoke alarm company heard the parrot.

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9 Responses so far.

  1. Sheikh Sameer schreef:

    Hey Beautiful parrot

  2. mumofmany schreef:

    Beautiful bird. I am constantly having to change my msg tone alert because my budgie learns them in a week, and I was always checking my phone when the "budgie went off"

  3. mjb1124 schreef:

    No shocker, I recently encountered a parrot who would imitate the sound of a burglar alarm, as well as the Facebook "pop" sound.

  4. diane gonzalez schreef:

    🐦 bird has the last word 🐦👍lolololol

  5. Violeta Radenković schreef:

    Seventh 🙃🙃🙃

  6. Whistling K9 schreef:

    I knew someone who's bird always said. "Damnit, where my Damn keys!" LMAO

  7. James Copeland schreef:

    I have 2 greys and they are smarter than some people I know.

  8. Elizabeth Poshmark Ambassador/Stylist schreef:

    He'll confuse anyone who's cooking in the kitchen. 😀

  9. GGBABE schreef:

    Hed scare off burglars with that type of noise lol

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