Here is Oscar, he’s 2yrs old. He’s miowing like our cat!
You can see more of Oscar and the rest of our pets if you click on this link:)

    12 replies to "African Grey Parrot Meows like Cat"

    • Guru Gossip

      i saw this today in person i was taken'a back by it, but the little thing warmed my heart if she wasn't 3000 dollars i'd buy her in a heart beat.

    • hasanalinaser

      mine do the samee i love him to much but i lost him 🙁

    • Sam L

      how much do talking birdss cost?

    • treetopteresa

      I have two cats and I can tell which one my grey is imitating. They are so much fun; you never know what they will say or do next.

    • April Sims

      mine meows all the time. he also likes to bark…and a ton of other sounds and words

    • Karen James

      Oh he's fab! Did he imitate the sound of a door opening at the beginning? My grey Chip does that too!

    • iwhyte52

      12 Grapes! jesus! I couldnt put that much in my mouth and I am a human. What a lovely Ratty. Why are they called pouched Rats? Thanks.

    • GmodPlusWoW

      cute! :4chan:

    • creamofcardstv

      Great vid and I've rated it as 5 stars. Please check out mine on some 1930's Aviary and Cage Bird tobacco cards.

    • cincopuntouno

      Now he speaks 2 languages… preety cool!!

    • Faris Ali

      my arfican grey can do the same sound!

    • Bubble Pop Games & Apps for Kids

      AHhahaha I had this mocking bird one time sit on my roof and make this tiny kitten sound over and over. I was scared that a kitten got lost in my backyard and searched for it. It turned out to be these mocking birds. lol

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