The silly ways we play with our pets

    27 replies to "African Grey Parrot (Macy) Playing with Snapchat"

    • Kolobok TV Coloring for Kids

      Great video, my friend! 🙂

    • Liviuonly 4PetPatrol

      ❤♫♫※Thumbs up .? BEAUTIFUL VIDEO . ??LIKE. ★★★★★ 16

    • Vayermenos13

      NICE VIDEO 🙂 i just subscribe to your channel and watched some videos I hope you do the same too and support each other by staying active : ). Thank you very much.

    • My Auckland

      Great fun to watch! cute bird! liked!
      Thanks my friend Have a nice new week greetings!

    • EpicCrazyLife

      ??it went perfect to what she was doing. It looked like she was looking at the filters ??

    • Travels With Phillip

      cute bird! nice editing! cool video liked!
      Thanks my friend Happy weekend, greetings!

    • Silomroad AmsterdamOK

      I miss this beautiful vid ,i was in Germany Fantastic my friend ? happy Sunday ?

    • JennyForParty

      Macy is so great! Thumbs up! Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, my friend……Jenny ☼

    • Vadimka Ermakov

      Like! Im subscription! Come to me!


      i'm already SUBSCRIBED and lIKE ypur channel. sub and like back my channel please…

    • Lara Chayka Travels

      ??? VERY C ☆☆ L VIDEO! We had fun watching! ???

    • Griizzlyy

      One Word : Beautiful

    • Liberman

      very cool video

    • PokeFan World

      Nice Video ?

    • Random Idiot

      It is great to see Macy make a load of new friends! She looks a lot happier for it 🙂

    • Sergey Chernobay Dance Channel

      Cool video! Very funny happened!

    • Татьяна Подплутова

      Interesting video! лайк7!

    • Fritids Tur

      African Grey Parrot (Macy) Playing with Snapchat – fun)

    • Delta's World

      Macy is so beautiful 🙂

    • shidoshi tanaka

      marcozo my friendly

    • I´m Yvonne :)

      so cute and wonderful Video !!! Happy Weekend 🙂

    • Karolinka Krasa

      Great Video!

    • Lola K

      Fantastic African Grey Parrot '

    • Annie Farmer

      Macy is so beautiful !!!!!!!

    • MisterBassBoost

      Nice video man!

    • Giba Xik

      já cheguei deixando o meu like muito bom vídeo super like

    • Snake Chanel

      Nice video keep up my friend… hope you be back my chanel.. we support each other.. thank alot my dear friend

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