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    17 replies to "African Grey parrot loves to dance!"

    • Sopa Neon


    • sognametal

      I can’t stop laughing

    • Claire Brooks

      What a bird!!!

    • speak to bird

      nice video really do like it…

    • Zarah Ishak

      I have a bird to

    • Zarah Ishak

      It looks extremely soft

    • Mr R Saad

      I love the bird

    • Itz CookieGirl543

      12coment 43iker lol sorry I'm late I just had my field trip

    • Ethan Imperiale

      The Google birds go go birdy"got me moving to

    • maxxb0n3saw

      straight death metal head roll!!!! ,,/

    • Omar Silva

      Is a funny ?

    • MadBat

      The bird has great dance moves!

    • BlackPixxelDE

      This is what dinosaurs have evolved to!

    • Noemí Juracan

      It's so cute

    • Ya Grill Eudrik

      I want him so muches owo

    • David Molina

      Best video dude

    • vi salisaz

      this bird is so cute!

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