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    • Liberty Now

      The strings will get caught up in their crop and could kill them!!!!

    • Nina Hedgecoth

      Wowww, this post was awesome. Now I know EVERYTHING my bird can eat ! Thank you so much for posting !!!!!

    • Sabi Baloch

      Parrots Eat Everything 😉

    • khayyam lodhi

      Tysm my parrot will love all

    • Michelle Knight

      First thank you for making this video. I have raised African Greys since they were babies and my mother in law breed these birds too. I have a lot acknowledge and helpful information to make sure you’re raising a healthy and happy parrot. I still have my 37 year old Congo African gray and he is a hoot… if anyone owns any of the two species of African grays one is the Small the Timneh and the largest is a Congo. I had the sweetest little Timneh African gray named Sophie. And she was just an incredible parrot she loved my mother and she loved me too but she ended up really bonding to my mom. And this was back in the late 80s and I don’t remember how old she was but she wasn’t very old maybe 5 years old. Anyway, Sophie was getting really sick and we didn’t know why she started becoming weak and we immediately took her to the exotic veterinarian for parrots. Anyway they had kept her for several days nursing her back to health and she started doing better. So we brought Sophie back home and oh she was so excited once again. About two months later Sophies started displaying the same symptoms but this time it was so severe she had fallen off of her perch and she couldn’t move I remember rushing her back to the parrot veterinarian who specializes in exotic birds especially African grays anyway Sophie didn’t make it this time. It was like losing a child. And I can say this because my 26 year old son passed away 3 years ago…Anyway, The veterinarian asked if we wouldn’t mind if he did an autopsy on her because there were other exotic parrots coming in with problems very close to what Sophie displayed. What we found out Sophie died from a kidney disease and from all the research that the specialist veterinarian had been doing on these African grays the conclusion was sunflower seeds. I wish I could remember his name but he even wrote an article about how bad it was to feed your birds sunflower seeds. He even wrote to PETA about his findings. And what’s really sad is pets suppliers are still putting sunflower seeds in your parrot food also and wild bird food. I’m telling you this because you listed sunflower seeds as food that is good for a parrot… it is not it will cause your parrot to develop kidney disease and eventually will cause death… it’s so sad because this has not been nationally recognized as sunflower seeds can kill birds and we are feeding our wild birds food with sunflower seeds. If I can remember this doctors name I will definitely share it with you so you can hopefully get some understanding about the seriousness of not to feed your parrot sunflower seeds even as a treat. Pumpkin seeds are good they come from a food source. Sunflowers seeds come from a plant base that does not produce any type of fruit or vegetable only see so they can reproduce as nature planned for these types of plants. People who own parrots that have passed away do not have an autopsy done to see why their parrot died. I’m sure there are some people that do have autopsies done but generally a lot of parrot owners just don’t think about doing an autopsy. And that’s okay…Also it is expensive to have an autopsy done on a parrot. I was very fortunate because the doctor that worked on Sophie was actually doing a study and he needed to get to the bottom why parrots were dying from a kidney disease and the conclusion was sunflower seeds…. I’ve had smoky for 37 years he’s never once eaten a sunflower seed he spoiled rotten… I also grow my own herbs on my patio outside, I grow mints, Basil, I have a huge rosemary bush that is in a gigantic pot. Actually all my herbs are in pots. Smoky loves all of these herbs and before I feed him any of my herbs they’re washed thoroughly even though they are grown organically. There are recipes that you can make here on YouTube just put it in the search. If you own an African gray you should learn how to make your own treats it’s easy it’s a lot cheaper than Petco or Petsmart and you know exactly what your bird is being fed…
      I hope this message was helpful. You can find me on Instagram @aumi.jewels I’m a jewelry designer and I’m starting to make safe parrot toys.

    • Sheikh Fahad

      Tysm now i know what to feed my parrot

    • welcome Interior Jhelum

      African gray ka Favorite Food hai Palm Nuts

    • Beautiful vlogs

      Apka Channel monotaiz keun nahi hua

    • Dominique Davis

      Thank you for your video. You are literally one of the only videos I saw that actually named the foods so I kno what to get!

    • Ruksar Haroon

      Aslm alkm. Please if I could ask the rest of the foods can be given raw
      for example the peas?

    • Amara Fahad

      where do you live

    • Pakistan Military

      Aslam o Alaikum

    • Babar . Jutt

      wasa abi mobile ni ap k

    • Muskan Nazakat

      Zabardast videos banati ho good

    • Muskan Nazakat

      Dear ap bht achi malomat deti ho

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