Free flight parrot is not fo everyone. All of the birds are well trained. Safety precautions had been measured before we attempted to flew our parrots. Pleass refer your trainer before this kind of action take.

Thank you. Enjoy!

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    8 replies to "African Grey Parrot Flying So Far Away! (caught on camera)"

    • alloysius27

      Hi there, I have an African Grey about 4mths old now I raised him since baby about 4weeks old . I trained him about 1 month 3 weeks (every morning outdoor and evening indoor. Each training maintain 15-30mins) but honestly he still look like he don’t bother at all. Sometimes it take super long for him to come to me even trained him for so long.

      I have watched all your videos followed all basic Training and I have seen in your review u were saying your grey only took about a month to train before free flight. I personally have conure and lovebird free fright ready and only took about 1 month to train only

      In our free flight group only 2 African Grey so really don’t have anyone else having such experience. Trained for so long yet it look like no progress at all

      Since u have so many friend with grey so I would like to ask is African Grey much much difficult to train for free flight compare any other parrots ?

      Im thinking , is it because that not all parrots are suitable for free flight even u have non stop giving them free flight training?

      Or is it my grey still very young ? Not mature enough for free flight?

      Hope can get some of your advise

    • Simona Cristina

      Hello, is great what you are doing! I had for 15 years an African grey parrot named Ciotolina, very, very special bird. I loosed her last year for an egg binding. I tried one time to teach her to stay free on balcony but she got scared after I dropped my mug and flew behind the building. For three days and nights I couldn't find her. After, a neighbour called me because the parrot came in their house. She didn't eat or drink something in these days, she was very scared. After this I never tried this think but now I'm sure I will never take a bird to keep her in cage. Birds need to be free! You are doing well friends! Greetings from Italy.

    • Hestia Rommetvedt

      If i do this to my African Grey i will never see him again

    • STEM 27 CHUA, WILLEM Alcuetas Chua

      ayos gaganda ng free flight i just want na makipag collab sa group niyo taga pasig kami

    • STEM 27 CHUA, WILLEM Alcuetas Chua

      anong group po kayo ng free flight??

    • Thomas Wictor

      I had no idea that this was possible! You're very good person. Please tell all the other people there that this video made me very happy. Greetings from California.

    • Prince Vegeta

      Your parrot got gas tank for days

    • Rizky Nandiwardhana

      Halo bro, saya baru adopt african grey… Pgn nanya2 tips n trick nih boleh bagi whatsapp nya? Thankss!

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