This is Haiku, age 4, a Congo Aftrican Grey. Like most Greys, she loves to eat the marrow out of chicken bones. Yummy.

    22 replies to "African Grey Parrot eating a chicken leg"

    • Lazuli Matics

      HEYYYYYY VETS ON YOUTUBE!! I just read that chicken is good for them.. Sooo you're just that picky

    • Mauser

      Beautiful bird 🙂

    • Mike Bieman

      Just gave my grey a lamb bone, she hasn't put it down for 20 minutes now lol

    • dan boo

      they need bone marrow dude …..

    • Υαsser Rs

      This could kill him

    • Lee Jin

      to much of this can hurt this bird

    • 123 321

      Thats what i said

    • LemmyIsNotDead

      Is it a bad idea to give an African greys chicken bones?

    • Mercedes Lackey

      Possibly my favorite African Grey moment occurred when a friend was trying to teach hers to say "turkey."  In exasperation on not GETTING any of the turkey, her Grey finally said, clear as a bell, "That's a bird.  I'm a bird.  I want some."

    • Emily P.

      well in the wild birds like eagles and hawks do eat birds like finches and cardnials

    • lifes40123

      yea a stupid one you scum

    • iDjGio

      Its called a joke you retard


      Now I want some chicken haha… Very cute bird 🙂

    • mrs ray

      my grey ran as fast as it could to get away from me when I showed him a chicken bone

    • lifes40123

      saying that a bird eating a bird is cannibalistic is retarded
      its like saying a mammal eating a mammal is cannibalistic

    • imptuner

      My parrot loves chicken and beef lol

    • thaghost1988

      I dont think she knows whats shes eating

    • Schemilix

      Huh, I always thought parrots just ate nuts for protein.

    • Issa Al-ghazali

      hawks and eagles and owls eat birds to

    • ftolmsteen

      Yeah, it's common for birds to like poultry. My Quaker Parrot will eat chicken and turkey.

    • The Socke

      my parrot loves chickens legs too! especially the bones… how weird huh

    • Mike Rotch

      Keep her away from any farms now…. 😉

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