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African Grey Parrot Brutus

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  1. jmrodey schreef:

    You are aware that he can talk and be very funny with out your ass in the back ground saying bp sucks. Shuuuuuut up!!

  2. Michael Craig George McGee schreef:

    Beethoven lol

  3. itsdahna schreef:

    Did he say Obama?

  4. falloutcool schreef:

    4:27 you a good boy hahah your

  5. falloutcool schreef:

    4:13 damn it lol

  6. AprilEater schreef:

    She whistled like an alarm and my cat freaked the hell out 😛

  7. Allyheartzz schreef:

    Awww he’s a cutie. Wish I had the time and money to own all the pets that I’d love to own.

  8. littlespinycactus schreef:

    If your delicate sensibilities are offended by Brutus’ s ‘not so glamorous language’, avoid Ruby, the X-rated parrot at all costs!

  9. BebopsHouse schreef:

    …con’t… part 2…. Another reason they pluck is food allergy. Sometimes they are allergic to corn that is in the feed you get for them. You can get parrot food that has no corn in it. If the plucking doesn’t stop after a while after doing these things, you can buy in a pet store or online, a product called, Pluck No More. You mix a little everyday with the birds water and it has a calming effect if you have a nervous bird.

  10. BebopsHouse schreef:

    jewpaleguy… first of all, take the bird to a vet for a checkup and get it’s nails and wings clipped. When you bring the bird home leave the door of the cage open and let it go in and out as it pleases. It will go back in when it is hungry or sleepy. This what I do…but also I am retired and home all day.  The bird will play on it’s cage climbing around and stuff. Also, no smoking in the house. Smoke gets on their feathers and they don’t like the smell and pluck them out. … con’t…

  11. jewpalegay schreef:

    I was just given a Blue Crowned Conure.She’s has a compulsive disorder. likes to pick her feathers. Can anyone help? She’s so beautiful. But I am a first time bird owner. I can get her to make noises and whistle and dance around. But I can’t let her out of her cage cause her wings are not clipped..So no exercise..

  12. basspig schreef:

    I love how he says “Scratch?” at 4:33 and then proceeds to do a slow deliberate scratching motion with his foot. He’s adorable! How old is he? I have a 1 year old, who’s learned to say “hello” and a couple of other words so far.

  13. Uncle Keifer schreef:

    I just showed your clip to my Af. Grey and he came alive and chattered up a storm with it. I think we can safely say that African Greys are the true “party animals.”

    This is great footage. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  14. mpetrey schreef:

    I have an African Grey and I am his 3rd owner to the best of my knowledge and when he came to me he cussed something horrible! I have had him for 9 months now and he has nearly stopped his colorful language. Doing all I can to teach him lots of other words in hopes that he will not cuss anymore but once in a while he will. Guess it is something he will never forget.

  15. davidmin7 schreef:

    2:29 Love it when they do that 😀

  16. dazzlinblu schreef:

    i agree, i have a great pet (african grey) too! but i feel awful that these intelligent animals are bred for the purpose of living in a cage, etc… (I AM FULL OF GUILT) though I will love him as long as I live!! (and after that, he will go to a beautiful aviary to live out the rest of his life). If you want to get a parrot, find out if you will, at least, be able to live as long as he/she does, or they’ll be heartbroken when you go

  17. unak78 schreef:

    Sounds like he’s also mimicking a time when the fire alarm went off.

  18. AriaTarmin schreef:

    this parrot is more intellingent!…it seems that even imitate people when they phone by putting the phone to his ear … and also that imitate someone who is being abused at home giving themselves a little blusher

  19. ryannlag schreef:

    some never talk! I hop ethat not why you bought him. There are people to own birds and do great and there are the folks who buy on impulse only to have a talking parrot…. just sayin!

  20. ryannlag schreef:

    Why are you so uptight? MOST if not all would get a giggle out of a bird that muttered a curse. yep, even grandmas from church! LOL LIVE A LITTLE LADY! jeeezz!!

  21. ThisAndThat4All schreef:

    Your birdie is SOOOO ADORABLE!!!! 🙂 <3

  22. uaexdream123123 schreef:

    lol… (what kind a bird are u)

  23. FWCASParrotRescue schreef:

    My AG Karl really enjoyed the video and hanging out with Brutus. We will have to add Brutus to Karl’s favorite youtube videos. He responded really well to Brutus. I also don’t think the word suck is really profanity so if Karl picks it up it is fine with me 🙂 LOL

  24. coxy8oi schreef:

    @EdwardXI makes sure you give them plenty of attention, a parrot mix can be found at nearly any pet store and makes sure you change their food and water everyday. Main thing though is too give them plenty of attention, they can get really depressed otherwise and will start plucking. Get it a descent size cage with plenty of toys for it to play with.

  25. EdwardXI schreef:

    Hi there, I am desperately trying 2 find someone help me n giving me some tips about taking care of a Grey African Parrot. A few days ago, one, as such on ur video, flew n my home on the 5th was tired and hungry, so I let in my home and now, its been 3 days since its been with me and I have been looking 4 the owner, but can seem to find him. so are there some very important tips I need to know while keep this beautiful creature. I would appreciate the help. Am new to owning a Parrot

  26. KingAce438 schreef:

    hey guys check out my channel for my african grey parrot 🙂

  27. PrincessAurora777 schreef:

    Your bird is so pretty and smart, you must be doing a great job! I love him and want to take him home with me. ; )

  28. PrincessAurora777 schreef:

    Maybe you can teach him to say, “monsanto” for the next video.

  29. purique1 schreef:

    How old was your Grey when he or she started to talk? Mine is 7 months and were still waiting…

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