Here is a video of a few basic exercises I do with the babies we raise. Clicker and target training, hand taming, and harness training. And of course teaching to eat a variety of healthy veggies! This baby is available if anyone is interested!

Learn more about my African Grey babies and consider bringing one into your family:

    11 replies to "African Grey Parrot Basic Training #short"

    • Robert W's

      My African Grey just passed away at age 60. The most loving pet & companion anyone could have.

    • Ibrahim AlTamimi

      What are the treats tho

    • Nizikano_Art

      He’s so cuteeee

    • Be Prominent

      Can you train it to be quite? 🙃😂

    • Sherry Bedwell

      He is so sweet and adorable

    • Michele McCracken

      Oh my, I need to send you my cockateil to train!!

    • iPhone

      Q.Can I get out my macaw when the fan is on ? Or it can be dangarous??

    • Little Midwest Reborns & Dolls

      Sweet baby grey.

    • Jetset

      cute africain grey parrot🥰 , nice training 👍🏻

    • Mumuse

      Aww soo cute 🥰

    • Ismail Toprakci

      How old is she? 🙂

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