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African Grey Parrot Baby In Pakistan Start Talking MashAllah.

African Grey Parrot Baby In Pakistan Start Talking MashaAllah.

12 Responses so far.

  1. Esha Fatima schreef:

    It’s a very shamful act to buy these birds and then to kept these birds in cages

  2. KALPESH KBC schreef:

    How much month old this parrot ?

  3. Vasim Ahmed schreef:

    Bhai koi batayega ki gray parraot ka price kya hota he.

  4. igmer barahona schreef:

    where I would like to buy it please just tell me

  5. Memes Memes schreef:

    Pls send a comet and I will give u my email

  6. Memes Memes schreef:

    Can I have her or him I have a big cage it's the size 8 square feet and 6 square feet

  7. Salman Lehri schreef:

    Janab african grey ka bacha kitna tak mil jahe ga ?

  8. Shanelle Watson schreef:

    African grey parrot pair, chicks and eggs for sale.. Male and Female. Can u bought together and separately. They are both healthy and will come with all health papers. Great talkers. Email for details and pictures if interested

  9. OLED TV Gaming schreef:

    very nice parrot.

  10. Anas Malik schreef:

    Hi where do u live

  11. Jean Sayawan Fiebra schreef:

    How much bro

  12. adnan sabir schreef:

    sir kitnay ka sale ker rhy hn

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