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African Grey Congo VS Livewire Energy Chews Box Talking Parrot AD

African Grey Congo Talking Parrot & Livewire Energy Chews Box Just a quick video of my African Grey Congo Parrot doing one of here f…

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14 Responses so far.

  1. Cereal Marshmallows schreef:

    Make sure and check out her Website at Cheers Nathan
    Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy

  2. 1972FordF150 schreef:

    I was expecting it to say F you or something like that lol

  3. DELTA912420 schreef:

    “Let me be”.. love African Grey Talking Parrot’s. say one that was stuck on
    a JERRY loop.

  4. Stephen618IL schreef:

    That was a cool bird. And what’s going on with that Black 1973 Chevy Nova
    you have in that yard you have and what size engine dose it have in it if
    it has one in it? I like it and that’s not a 72 but there is alot of ppl
    that love the older cars like I do and you might be able to sell for a
    alright price? I could do some things to it i know. I liked it

  5. Lynner Williams schreef:

    That Grey has an attitude….lol

  6. cigarobsession schreef:

    Pretty bird! caw!

  7. elizabeth v cherry schreef:

    I see that and I miss my cocktiels that I once had and could afford.I use
    to breed and hand tame cocktiels 20 years ago,but that is no more,shame see
    what bad health does

  8. brendan carroll schreef:

    has cat met her yet ?

  9. nathan ramsdell schreef:

    Great video

  10. redneckbryon schreef:

    Cool bird, when are old dog was a puppy, we had a great cockatoo and he was
    very cocky, he thought he was tougher than the puppy so he went up to the
    poppy hissing, the puppy being a puppy barked the bird turned around
    running and the puppy accidentally stepped on him and he has its tail
    feathers pulled out, other than having no tail feathers which did entially
    grow back he was perfectly fine.

  11. Luca Simoncini schreef:

    At least she doesn’t try to chew Breeder :D

  12. Carlos SoccerStar schreef:

    What’s the newest car u have 

  13. Mary Kester schreef:

    What a pretty bird, I liked her fan page on Facebook. I have Cockatiels so
    u could say I’m a bird lover as well as dogs & cats. I think I have a
    cockatiel that’s part parrot cause he picks up his food with his foot!
    Strange. Maybe Grey Congo is camera shy? I could be wrong. Love this video
    I’m sharing it.

  14. marshalljimduncan schreef:

    Does the bird really eat the cardboard?

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