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Occasionally, species of animals that are non-native to South Florida end up at South Florida Wildlife Center in need of care. For legal reasons, we cannot release them in to the wild once they are healed, and instead we look for adoptive homes. Tony and others are waiting for you at South Florida Wildlife Center.

    13 replies to "Adopt Tony – The African Gray Parrot"

    • Patriot Jefferson

      Did he find a home?

    • Sheepdog1314

      how can I adopt him? I just lost my old African Grey — he was very old…

    • Tammy Limbu

      Not to be mean but the vids rant as exciting anymore

    • ruth albert

      Poor beautiful Tony. Hope whoever adopts him has a large space where he can do bird things….like FLY! Why do we keep capturing animals – for our pleasure, and surely their pain? Sometimes I wonder if humans are the best or the worst things that has happened to this planet. A bird in a cage? Why????

    • David Bernazani

      Thank you, HSUS, for rescuing wonderful birds like Tony and all the other animals you save. I hope he gets the loving home he deserves!

    • Lily Beauchamp

      My friend has 2 parakeets and she turned a old walk in closet to her birds home:) its AWESOME!!:)

    • Andy Vegan

      I'm glad you guys keep the gate open for him to come in and out.

    • rahb85

      Oh I would LOVE to adopt him!!!! But I live in Alabama!! 🙁

    • FPV_Arthur

      Not. Tonyyyyyyyyyy

    • blacksixspeed

      you people are heroes

    • Sabrina

      I think pet birds should get a room to fly around! Not bashing you guys of course, but i think they would live happier lives if they could have a room, or a large space to fly around, rather then just an hour or two a day! Your work is very humbling, and magnificent of course, just a thought 🙂

    • Titan Coral

      birds shouldn't be in cages period.

    • javima85

      Great job, as always 🙂
      Your videos deserve more a lot more views!!
      Buen trabajo

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