This video features Shiloh, my 18 year old Timneh African Grey parrot and her reaction to her new cage. Thanks for watching!


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    6 replies to "A New Cage for my Timneh African Grey Parrot"

    • spinnaker5514

      I'm possibly getting a Timneh myself, I must say Shiloh is a stunning looking bird! She is also very quiet, has she always been that way? Or is she just like that because the camera is on her? I wanted a Sun Conure, but they have such a reputation for being so noisy and I have roommates. I would hate to lose a good roommate because my pet is making to much noise.. I know the Timneh can be loud, but I kind of think it's more how you raise them. If your quiet, then they will be less noisy as well. Do you think there's any truth to that? I just love the Greys!

    • S L

      Shes so beautiful! I prefer Timneh over Congos, they are smaller, darker and I read much more friendly. Im going to get mine, a male, in August, I cant wait!

    • Parrot Town

      LOL…the cage seemed small until you first put her in and she looked tiny—optical illusion 😂 She is so adorable ❤

    • spiderwoman

      wow how many animals you got they just keep coming lol nice parrot x

    • Pandamonium Reptiles

      Yea super jealous right now!! 😍😍

    • speak to bird

      Cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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