Raven our boxer meets Hiro Nakamura, our African Grey baby foster.

Raven was surprisingly very good. They like each other. For the trolls, Raven has never hurt any animal – and never our birds. She loves them like family!! And THAT is a breed standard. Not ear and tail crops…

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    • Mortthemoose

      have owned two boxer doggies. if you train them correctly, they will respect all other animals. lovely boxer and lovely wee birdie

    • Charles Laughton

      My Boxer and my birds hang around each other all the time, eating treats off the same dish, sitting together on my bed. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that they were all raised together.

    • Anusha Singh

      A dog's saliva can be fatal for the parrot!! Be careful!!!

    • srok62

      A boxer attacked my grey a couple weeks ago, fortunately he was fine. I honestly can't believe you dog doesn't want to eat this little baby. BTW: Grey babies are the cutest thing on earth!

    • R smith

      MMMM Taste like chicken

    • John Echterhoff

      I would like to suggest never leaving them alone.

    • Cindy D.

      A Boxer AND an African Grey…..you guys are gonna have your hands full! ha ha!

    • ArchieandAlfie

      LOVE this vid!  What a gorgeous boxer!  Our 2 boxers were the same with our neighbours guinea pig!  So gentle 🙂

    • marwak005

      hiro nakamura!!!!! Haha best name ever I loved hiro nakamura in heroes but now I love the name only

    • petegrind

      Boxers are the sweetest dogs.

    • AnimalHouseforReal

      What a good dog Raven is ^^)

    • Yuki GazeRock

      aaaawww 😀 <3

    • Tegan Mitchell

      tht bird is sooo cute it even had a little talk :3

    • Mortthemoose

      Awwww…that's why I love boxer doggies so much …they are soooo inquisitive about everything

    • Fluffy Miller

      awww soo cute!!

    • DCFunBud

      Sniff, lick, eat. No more rival!

    • Haley Cutler

      are they still friends? so cute

    • i69trucknuttz

      Yay a heroes name for the bird

    • thisninjajango


    • SuperThxFrAsking

      Every time the boxer would stare for a moment I got scared because whenever my boxer mix does that, she jumps on me right after. What a sweet pup though!

    • D Grundberg

      Our white boxer Schatzi knows what the beak of the Blue fronted amazon parrot Cory will do if he tries to lick him lol

    • Niki Marie

      I agree… they are cuter with floppy ears :}

    • Niki Marie

      he said "hes fixing his feathers"

    • Cyndi Neuman

      I love you guys! That bappy is a cutie, and your boxer is a sweetie!

    • Francesca M

      Tastes like chicken?

    • -Cypher-

      If you actually named/called the bird Hiro Nakamura then that is really cool!

    • Frederik Kusk

      He does not kiss. He tastes 😀

    • Devin

      Boxers are one of my favorite dogs, and I am in the process of adopting an african grey. Thank you for such a sweet video. 🙂

    • byronjames123

      you guys seem like awesome pet owners! Great video

    • Cori Burns

      I notice this vid was 3 years ago. How are the dog and the Grey interacting now? Are they still friends? xxxx

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