African grey parrot sound effects for kids or relaxation purpose



    13 replies to "2 Hours African Grey Parrot Sounds Effects"

    • Faeiz Mohammed

      Thank you so much this brings back memories of my African greys I had in Uganda…

    • Oyin Damola

      My parrot was really curious listening to this

    • Cobb Knobbler

      The one sound I understand in African Grey language is the water sound. I've worked with literally thousands of greys and they all make the water sound. Show em a soda or beer can or bottle, or change their water or show em a glass of water and they'll make that sound. I can say I at least understand one word in bird language.

    • Cobb Knobbler

      I have 3 greys. My most recent rescue is on a stand next to me.

    • optraz

      My grey don't talk to much
      And I opened this video he just wandering where the parrots he talks to the sounds my reaction when he talks is laughing

    • Brody the African Grey Parrot

      We love this! Please follow us!! <3

    • Lynn Jaworski

      My 42 year old grey is sitting quietly and listening, but he makes some of those noises but not all, he was caught wild and I got him as a baby. I sense that he is acting a little more aggressive after thinking there is another grey in HIS ROOM 🙂

    • fanis tapes

      ο δικος μου ειναι 70 ημερων και συνεχεια γκρινιαζει μεχρι που βρηκα αυτο το βιντεο …. με το που βαλλω να ακουει αυτο αμεσως σταματαει…!

    • AMMAR you

      My grey Porte is very aggressive bite me very hard

    • Alannah Banana

      My Africa grey called Harley Quinn was looking round the room and trying to eat my phone 💕💜❤️


      How do I know that my parrot isn't scared

    • Stian Coetzee

      My grey is searching the entire room for the bird that's talking to him. He is constantly talking back to the video, it's the cutest thing ever.

    • Lil Gem

      My african grey alita made a bubble sound when showed her this

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